Unaly Hill South

60km SW Sandstone, WA


Unaly Hill South (tenement E57/1048) lies at the southern end of the Atley Complex, located between the Youanmi and Sandstone Gold Mining Districts and is contiguous with Surefire Resources (ASX:SRN) Unaly Hill Vanadium Project. Whilst the tenement contains a significant vanadium titanomagnetite exploration target it is also considered prospective for gold mineralisation with the intersection of two major regional shears known to host gold mineralisation. There has been a recent increase in interest in gold exploration in the area by neighbouring Surefire Resources (ASX:SRN, 12 August 2019, 6 September 2019) as well as Golden Mile Resources recent acquisition of the Yuinmery Gold Project, just 6km south-southeast (ASX:G88, 23 September 2019, 11 December 2019).

The tenement area straddles the major regional Youanmi Shear Zone, which hosts the Younami and Penny West gold deposits to the south and numerous gold deposits in the Sandstone area to the northeast. The project sits at an interesting structural juncture between the Youanmi Shear and the Yuinmery Shear, this intersection of two major faults is conceptually favourable for the development of dilational structures for possible gold mineralisation.

Future Plans

Aldoro has completed a review of historical exploration records across the project area and has identified a number of gold anomalies from historic soil sampling and RAB drilling. The shallow, wide spaced, RAB drilling was an ineffective test for continuity of the gold anomalies, and combined with the favourable structural setting, the area warrants further follow up work. An exploration program is planned replicating the approach being undertaken at Penny South, with an initial ground magnetic survey to aid with structural and lithological interpretation of the area, followed by multi-element geochemical sampling. Targets generated by this combined approached will be drill tested.